A Desert Safari Dubai Experience

I can not tell you how excited I was to try the desert safari experience in Dubai. All my friends who’ve been to Dubai have been raving about it–telling me it’s a must, especially for people who like to explore new sceneries. Obviously, my expectations were set as high as the sky. I was already imagining what outfit to wear, photos to take and fashion poses to do days in advance. But, all that went out the window the moment I got to the desert.

Our desert safari tour was booked though Musandam Travel once again. They’ve partnered up with one of the 3 main desert safari tour agencies in Dubai for this. Apparently, not all agencies have the permission to go to certain areas of the desert. Good thing we went with the right one! Once we arrived at the desert, our driver asked us to buckle up, turned the music up and gave us the most thrilling ride around the desert’s sand dunes. It was so much fun, I felt like I was riding a rollercoaster! Then we made a quick stop in the middle of the desert for a photo op and off to the desert camp we went where more photo ops, camel rides, dinner and drinks and entertainment were waiting for us. It was the perfect Dubai desert experience except for one little thing. Clever me didn’t take into account that it was Dubai’s winter season when we went. In my head, I was thinking, “It’s Dubai. It’s a desert. It MUST be hot.” Boy couldn’t I be more wrong. It was already cold to begin with (even for my thick skin).

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 It was made even worse by the gloomy skies and rain that kept pouring every now and then. In fact, it was so freezing cold that at least 4 strangers/tourists came up to me later in the night to ask me how I’m managing to survive. (Just look at how the other tourists, smarter tourists, are bundled up in layers and layers of jackets, scarves and sweaters.) When my mom was taking my photos, it was so windy I was literally getting pushed by the wind. By the time we finished, two of her fingers became as white as snow. (Thankfully, they went back to normal after some time. I’m sorry mom you had to sacrifice your fingers for these shots. LOL!) But at least we were able to take these awesome shots, with some of them even showing the beautiful desert sunset. (Mom’s sacrifice didn’t go to waste after all.)


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